Major Construction Projects in the UK, Ireland and Australia

As we mentioned in our previous blogs the UK, Ireland and Australia are home for many immigrant construction professionals with different backgrounds. Now, we would like to present a general overview of the major infrastructure and construction projects currently taking place in these countries, along with updates on their respective stages of progress:

UK Major Construction Projects

  • Heathrow Airport Expansion (London): This project is currently seeking approval and it’s expected to create thousands of jobs. With a budget of £14 + billion, the third runway at the London airport is expected to boost the local economy by £61 billion and add up to 77,000 jobs by the year 2030.
  • The New Hospital’s Programme: This programme is expected to represent over £20 billion of investment to build new hospital infrastructure and facilities. The government is committed to deliver 40 new hospitals by 2030.
  • Houses of Parliament: With an original budget of £27 billion, this programme is to restore and renew one of the most recognised buildings in the world, the Palace of Westminster. This major project is already boosting the industry and it requires the expertise of construction professionals to be completed.
  • HS2 tunnelling: With a budget of £5.6 Billion, HS2 network is one of the largest projects in the UK, and it aims to increase connectivity between London and major cities in the Midlands and the North of England. The completion date for the first phase of the HS2 project is expected between 2029 to 2033, which means it will continue generate thousands of jobs.
  • Hinkley Point C: Located in Somerset, with a budget of £32.7 Billion, Hinkley Point C is a nuclear power plant project. It is expected to be the UK’s first new nuclear power station in over 20 years and will provide low-carbon electricity for around six million homes. The completion date of this project is expected in 2036 and is currently underway.

Major Construction Projects in Ireland

  • Dublin MetroLink: The Dublin MetroLink is a planned underground railway system that will provide high-capacity and high frequency transportation by connecting the city centre and southern Greater Dublin Area with Dublin airport and several suburbs. It will reduce congestion and improve public transport. The completion date is expected by early 2030s.
  • DART + Programme: The DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) + Programme is an initiative to upgrade and expand the rail network in Dublin and the surrounding regions. It involves the construction of new rail lines, stations and infrastructure to improve connectivity and increase capacity.
  • National Children’s Hospital: The National Children’s Hospital, located in Dublin, is a significant construction project aimed at providing world-class healthcare for children. It involves the construction of a state-of-the-art hospital complex and associated facilities.
  • Royal Canal Greenway: The project is on Phase 3 of the Royal Canal Greenway, a pedestrian and cycling path that stretches from Dublin’s North Strand to Phibsborough. It involves the construction of a dedicated pathway for walking and cycling.
  • Co-living space at the Old Glass Factory: The project involves the construction of a co-living space at the Old Glass Factory on Cork Street in Co Dublin, with a budget of €97 million. The construction work is scheduled to begin on July 3rd

Major Construction Projects in Australia

  • Melbourne Metro Tunnel: the construction of a 9-kilometer (5.6-mile) tunnel for trains, as well as five new underground stations. This is one of the major public transport projects in Melbourne.
  • Inland Rail (East Coast of Australia): It is an under construction project of a freight rail of 1,700-kilometer (1,056-mile) that will connect Melbourne and Brisbane via regional Victoria.
  • Sydney Metro West: It is a project in the planning and development stage of a new metro rail line that will connect Western Sydney to the Sydney CBD.
  • North East Link (Melbourne): The North East Link is an under construction 26–kilometre tolled motorway scheme in Melbourne, Australia. Its stated objective is to connect the Metropolitan Ring Road at Greensborough with the Eastern Freeway at Bulleen, where the freeway would be upgraded from Hoddle Street to Springvale Road at Nunawading.
  • Perth City Link: The Perth City Link project is a major urban redevelopment initiative in Perth, Western Australia. It involves the sinking of the Fremantle railway line, creating a new underground rail station and transforming the surrounding area into a world-class transit hub.

The construction industries in the UK, Ireland, and Australia are continuously driving remarkable projects that shape the future of these countries. The five major construction projects in each country mentioned above are just a glimpse of the innovative and impactful developments taking place. As these projects near completion or remain under construction, they are set to improve transportation, infrastructure, and community spaces, requiring construction professionals with diverse backgrounds. If you are interested in participating in the development of these three countries and exploring new job opportunities, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.

We would like to invite you to stay updated with our final blog post in the series, where we will be sharing the latest updates on Australia’s WHV Program and the UK’s Youth Mobility Scheme (YMS).