Construction Job Opportunities in the UK & Ireland

In the first of our series of upcoming blogs on construction opportunities in the UK and Ireland, we want to share Part 1, which is about 4 reasons to consider moving to the UK & Ireland for construction professionals. Whether you are considering moving to the UK and Ireland or returning home to explore job opportunities, this blog is for you. We’ll explore the opportunities with you and provide information to help you make an informed decision.

4 Reasons to Consider Moving to the UK & Ireland for Construction Professionals

The construction industry plays a significant role in the UK’s and Ireland’s economic growth, creating thousands of jobs every year. Currently, the UK is undertaking numerous civil and infrastructure projects, reflecting the sector’s stability whether it’s the Heathrow Expansion, the New Hospital’s Programme, HS2 Tunnelling Project or Hinkley Point C. Similarly, in Ireland, the construction sector is flourishing, driven by both public and private investments in infrastructure projects, commercial developments and residential construction. This growth in both countries has created a strong demand for skilled civil engineers and construction professionals, increasing job opportunities for those looking to start their construction career in the UK or Ireland.

We also want to highlight that civil engineers are in high demand in Ireland, offering a variety of employment options. Ireland’s construction industry is experiencing significant growth and development, with infrastructure projects and building initiatives taking place across the country, such as the Dublin Metrolink, DART + Programme and the National’s Children Hospital.

In this blog, we’ll be sharing 4 reasons to consider moving to the UK or Ireland to start or continue your career in construction:

1. Growing sector

 The industry is experiencing a boost in both countries, thanks to infrastructure project investments and private commercial and residential construction that drive the current stability. Civil engineering and construction professionals can expect more job opportunities in this sector. Civil engineers in Ireland and the UK have a wide range of career opportunities across various sectors including consulting firms and construction companies. This diversity allows professionals to explore different roles and projects based on their interests and expertise.

2. Skills Transferability and Mobility:

If you are a civil engineering or construction professional with experience in Canada, Australia, Ireland, or New Zealand, your work experience is often transferable. Additionally, passport holders from these countries enjoy advantages in the visa process, enhancing mobility.

3. Cultural Similarities:

The UK and Ireland share many cultural similarities due to historical connections, including the legal system, education and governance. These countires have a passion for sports such as cricket, rugby, and soccer. In additionl, multiculturalism is an important aspect shared by these countries due to their history of immigration.

4. Salary Range and Job Titles:

 Salaries may vary depending on factors such as role, experience, contract type, project hours, and vehicle allowances. Here are the average annual salaries (in the UK) for various roles in the industry:

Assistant Quantity Surveyor: £18k – £33k

Quantity Surveyor: £24k – £50k

Civil Engineer: £24k – £46k

Project Manager, Construction: £28k – £71k

Construction Manager: £31k – £64k

Senior Quantity Surveyor: £41k – £71k

Finally, moving to the UK or Ireland for construction professionals, including civil engineers presents diverse opportunities and advantages. The growing sector, major infrastructure projects, public and private commercial and residential projects and increased demand for skilled professionals make both countries ideal destinations to start or continue your career in construction. The transferability of skills and the cultural similarities between the UK and countries like Canada, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand further facilitate a smooth transition.

The competitive salary ranges offered for various job titles provide financial stability and growth prospects within the industry. Whether you are a Quantity Surveyor, Project Manager or Civil Engineer, the UK and Ireland offer a range of rewarding positions to suit your expertise and preferences.

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